Thursday, July 1, 2010

Awaiting Friend Confirmation

Mak oi , I'm pretty much hurt to see that sentence each and every time I opened up his page . And the worst part of it is, it seems like he's tryin his best to avoid me , like WTH ?

I mean, chill lah . Just friends . Im not that stalker type or psycho . I like to chill . Im not a quiter , but in this case . I'll just shut up , and move on .

P/s : I'm super okayy all this while , He didnt affect me in any way .



Nor Leesa said...

sherry ingat tak waktu form 1 and waktu tu kita baru masuk kelas and sherry tegur leesa. so sweet! =)

blacksheep said...

HAHAHA , mana boleh lupa wahai leesa zaini :) Until now, sherry tak boleh lupa siapa org pertama yang sherry tegur masa form 1 :D
Agak shy , tapi terpaksa beranikan diri hihi :D

Nor Leesa said...

Heee :) Sangat Sweet! I always remember and love u sayang.

blacksheep said...

Hehehe , love you tooo sayang :)