Friday, July 2, 2010


Wee , baru first week of the semester , tapi I had my very own assignment already . Its my first masterpiece , hehe poyo poyo . Erm En.Hasni assign us to write , i dont know what to call it . Thesis seems to be a very crucial word, while essay is something like secondary homework . So, its something in between . Perhaps "THESSAY" ?

Okayy whatever about the title of the assignment . We were given 16 topics . But to write only ONE . Urgh this is the crucial part of choosing a topic and write about it , because Im very random . Today I might write about how sad I was few hours back , and the next morning I might write the opposite part of my day . This is pretty severe , *somebody save me* .

The assignment must not be less than 1000 words, I repeat THOUSAND words . Which is super cool . Because the last time I wrote something that long was in 2008 . When I had this writing novel fever . That was the last time . And and now , my english is so berkarat already . And and I havent polish it YET !

SOS SOS ! Tapi thank god , Ive done a part of it . Like half of it ? Macam 500 words of it . Im still looking for more ideas , and perhaps the correct way to write it , because technically I havent put it into sequence .

Please please , bless me with merrious of idea :)

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