Friday, June 18, 2010

My heart is not a toy

My heart is soft, but its not a toy .
Im nice, but Im just a human being.
I liked you, and so do you .
I was the one whom you turned to when youre down because of her.
I never neglected you , or brag .
You told me that youre happy you could forget her now.
You told me youre sorry when you abandon me that day ,
You told me that she hypnotized you til youre no longer thinking of me .
What else do you wanna tell me now ?
Thanks for the memories, I met someone new ?
I didnt expect to end it up with you ,
but I dont expect you to end it up this soon.
Im sorry, I expected a lot.
I expect you wont play with my heart.
Because I expect you to be different than the rest.

But its all not as I expected .

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