Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mornin activities

As y'all know , I love dancing, music and fun and entertainment . But Im not good at any of it . But who cares . I had tonnes of fun each morning , doing the excercise . Which is more oftenly called as "senamrobic berirama" . which goes with music . They played cute songs , like Tommi Tommi , Chicken Dance , Arabic poco poco and so do Thailand . My fav for all time . Im used to poco poco Indo , so this two poco poco style is freaking new to me .

But its fun to do , especially when we do it together , with almost everyone including the facilitator :D And sometimes I saw abang Karim dancing in the conti hahaha . And sometimes Abg El does it too . Adorable isnt it :D

Videos are up on Facebook too ! Check 'em out yah

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