Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hari Pendaftaran

Woke up early today , was freaking scared. Imma stay at the hostel for a week ! Creep! But nevermind . Went in the hall ALONE . Daftar , took my matrix card photo . Took my jacket . Then homie for lunch , went back to MAIS , to check in . Then unpacked my stuff .

Went down to go back to UNi . With my scarfs on , and urm the Blue jacket which looks exactly macam "pekerja kilang" URGH .

Yeah , forgot to mention about my new friends, MiMi, mira, aliya and zyra . Okayy Mimi is from Banting , Mira is from Kelana Jaya, Aliya from Bukit Jelutong , and Zyra is from TTDI Jaya . And Im from Ipoh :D

Later on , as we entered the hall , there's this "welcoming ceremony" held in the hall especially for us . And it feels just like in school . HEE . Then we were introduced to our dear facilitators and HEP lady, Pn.Noraishah , if im not mistaken .

Then we go for prayer, minum petang, back to hall . Then we had this ice breaking session . Went back to hostel effin late , around 1 .

mood ; tired =.='

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