Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cant he get any hotter than this ?

Basically , I dont really have crush on this wolf guy , but he's smoking hot eversince he got his haircut . *melted*

Nway , watched E!NEWS just now , and there's this interview about his kissing scene with Bella , and it says that Bella felt awkward kissing him . And what think of it was , Bella really shouldnt be kissing him . Well he's supposed to be younger than her , so she shouldnt kiss him .

But the geekiest part of the interview is when they asked Rob , few questions . And he answered in a pretty cute manner, which is actually weird . I love his accent ! :D

*gogo ROB*

Then Bella tells everybody how annoying she was with the "which guy are you dating" question. I guess people had mixed it all now . About the dating stuff and the reality stuff. If this two people, whoever lah right , played as couple in movie , it doesnt mean that theyre dating . HEck no .


faridatulnajua :) said...

justin bieber lagi hot . AHA :D

blacksheep said...

hahaha yea ke ? Untuk kategori budak belum fully matang, Justin Bieber wins