Thursday, May 20, 2010


It hurts me alot lookin at those photos you had with your current girlfriend, dating out, holding hands. I dont know why , but I just cant erase you. I can get over you, but I cant stop thinking of you each time my heart gets broken, or whenever I fell apart. I miss you , I want to have you, but I hate you when we're together . I believe we weren't meant for each other . But I'd like to have you. I get so jealous to see you guys happy, its not good. Because I dislike that feeling a lot. I love you, bt I bet its just as a friend.

Im happy with you , when we got no relation tied up between us, but you never want it to be that way . I like you the way you are, I love you the way you are, I love everything about you. I wanted to give you another shot, but Im too scared of trying . Im not a daredevil. I dont dare to do things Im not sure of . We cant get along well when we're together .

There's nobody else who could understand me like you do , who would make me feel better each time I feel like quitting, crying, falling . You always lend me your hand, and you do know what to say most of the time . I love you but I guess I dont show enough .

Wish you would leave her for me, like you did to me . But Im not that mean , I wont do it because I cant do it. Felt the pain before, dont wanna let anybody else feel the pain too . Because it hurts more than you know , with all the harsh word you spill .

What do I do now ? I ran out of ideas . I just dont want to do any thinking anymore.

*currently listening to THE VERONICAS - WHEN IT ALL FALLS APART

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