Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sherry is sorry

I think I've fell asleep for quite some time . I dont know, but Im pretty sure that Im not dreaming or living in fantasy . You see , I had offended someone with my previous post, though I dont really seem to find the reason why she read my blog . But nevermind , it doesnt matter .

Im here to apologise . To the both of you , or anybody who may concern . What I wrote in my post, which I had deleted to satisfy everybody but myself , doesnt mean anything . I dont mean to do you guys harm . Its just about what I felt , and thats all are HISTORY . I repeat and bolding it , HISTORY .

Im so sorry , Ive spent my lifetime , satisfying everyone . That post doesnt mean I want your boyf, because I dont feel the same way I did before . And we're not meant to be together , it would disasterous if we get together . I can guarantee you , he was my past never my future because he's your future .

So , be happy with him :)

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