Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pack your bags up, lets go !

Okayy , some may know this already while some just dont . But I'm currently in Shah Alam, and forever will be here . You might not want to know the reason why, but we're having a pretty hard time in Ipoh. With the 18y/o problem, probably more than that . My problem with whatever and whoever . So, here I am , in Shah Alam, new place and new life . And new school too ! YEAYY

Went for the UNISEL OPEN DAY , and and applied directly then they approve and gave me the offer letter right away ! WEEE :) The things that makes me go crazy over UNISEL , is the distance between my campus and my house . Like freaking near . Walking distance only ! FCOOL ! And I can save my hostel money , by staying with mom and sis together .

And I get to drive my sister's car ! Cool I know , going to master my driving skill :D
No reason to say "NO" to driving ! Yeah whatever.

Packed our bags last week, thats the reason why I dont blog last week . Busy packing my Evita Peroni Headbands, hairbands, my Mr.Bebear, bantal busok, and all my clothes . But still I left a few over there . I feel like crying when I just cant bring all of it .

Well, Im gonna have my own room and Queen size bed, for me only me ! But this house is sooooooooooo much smaller than my house in Ipoh but it doesnt matter , its for the 3 of us only .
Mom and sister will be sharing room, and the third room is for "studying" . I like it very much, but I didnt had the chance to go and see the house myself, but we'll move in soon . Maybe Tuesday !

Cant wait :D

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