Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook o' facebook

I wonder what had happened to . Yesterday I cant sign in . Today I cant post anything to my wall, or comment anything to others. I dont know if Im the only one who's facing this bloody problem .
And and there was a heavy downpour in my housing area, Bercham last thursday nite . And I think the thunder and lightning interrupt my internet connection and it annoys me alot . As I woke up in the morning, switched on my laptop and tried to go online like always by using the streamyx . But I just cant do so , and I need an answer badly . BOOO STREAMYX !
I really need a bloody new lappies ASAP because the one Im using now i like so dead and wont be alive in anytime . Okayy whatever about this new lappie thing. When I came to my senses , thought of this " Why should I rush ? Chill , move first, find new one there " Cool !
And and now I have a little problem with . FUCK what is happening to me , to the internet connection , to the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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