Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crash and burn .

Well , half of my dream had crash and burn and became ashes and flew somewhere already . I applied for a few interesting courses in the Government college . But too bad I didnt get throuh any of it. So, my dream to be a lawyer/writer/scriptwriter/tv-broacaster had eventually died. But I bet its too soon to say so . Plus plus, I wanna be editor for a fashion magazine , perhaps I could be like Alex and Daniel Meade .

But I dont wanna change my gender , please . Urghh but isnt it fascinating ? Change your gender like piece of cake ? Much kudos to her doctor . LOL

Okayy back to the dream I'd loveeee to be a fashion critique maybe . Anything to do with commenting . I'd love to learn all about it . Those fun, party and workhard kinda job . Isnt it cool ?

Im going to appeal , was forced to do so . But in the meantime will appply for Masscomm in Unisel . Which I really want to go like badly because apparently I'll be moving to SHAH ALAM .

asap !

wehuuu ! Cant wait :)

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