Monday, April 5, 2010

zippin my lips like padlock

Ive been keeping everything inside for quite a long time. Well we dont really say it as "quite a long time" when youve been shutting up you bloody mouth and thoughts for few months, or shall I say weeks ? I got so many things to tell, but so little people to hear it . I dont really know what should I do next, well lets dont talk about next because I'm not done with now .

I just wanna cry, it'll make me feel better I think. And now, I'm still thinking of how the hell am I going to sleep without VW wishing me goodnite and i love you , Despite all the things I did to VW, I still love VW with all my heart, we've been through so many things in past just to get together. I wont ruin all the efforts we put in . I know the rules, the laws, and whatever you call it. I know and understand it very well , but I just cant help it . Things just got a little better for us.

Never expect this would happen , never thought that the dad would be the divider . I feel so fucked up now. Im really sorry , it is all my fault. I shouldnt get mad to you last noon . I shouldnt have asked you to come in and wait til mom gets home . Im sorry. I dont mind if I have to let you go, atleast you would have the freedom and you wont suffer or got caught or scolded ever again . Im really sorry if I really choose to do this . Im sorry .

Hope you wont misunderstood. Honestly and seriously, Im not dating, flirting or whatsoever with another guy or whoever. Please trust me, I beg you . I really need you to know this fact, I love you so much and will and can never stop loving you . Because youre one of a kind, and youre special on your own ways . And that makes me love you even more. Im really sorry , I was the one who drag you into this. And youre friend was right about me . We shouldnt be together, but trust me, those days I had with you, were one of the best days in my life . Thanks for everything , everything . I'll miss you, but please do me a favour, hold on to this words, please . If you really love me .

" Jika engkau pergi, bulan dan bintang tetap masih di langit
Jika engkau pergi, air mengalir takkan berhenti
Jangan khuatir tentang diri ku
Ku janji takkan merindui mu "

I'm sorry I cheated on you, but I got a reason to it, its up to you if you dont want to believe it . I dont mind . I know I dont deserve it . Im really sorry I hurt you, I dont mean to do so . Its never was my intention . Im really sorry , but I guess this is it. I dont want to cause you any trouble anymore. You'll find somebody better than me, because I know you deserve better . Im sorry

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