Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Was talking to b last nite, about ex-es . My ex-es , b acted very cool , but I started to feel 1 kind . The uneasy feeling . Its not that I want any of my ex-es back. Its just I think Im much happier with the person whom I didnt really like at first , as I will hate all their weaknesses lackness, and imperfection , but tend to love it in the end, As I force myself to learn to love it .

I tried so hard to make b mine, and now b's mine . All mine, but I feel unhappy unsatisfied. I did feel satisfied for the first few months because I got what I want. And now, it seems like I kept on finding all the mistake and the imperfection in b . And Im really sorry . But whatever it is, I still love my b. But that feeling might change time to time . And b loved me more than ever now , shouldnt I be happy for what I have now ? Im blessed , but yet I dont think I had enough . We're always fighting, quarelling, for what ? For nothing . Just because I feel terrible . I dont want to break up , but the thing going on now is different and its simply wrong . But Im not capable of doing anything .

I wanted to make b happy, but I guess I just make b feel sucks. How I could change the fact that the thing is getting weirder and different each day .

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