Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busyy busyy

Ive been so busy lately. People think I did nothing, just laze around . But I did lots of thing. Such as updating my blog, facebook, twitter, formspring. myspace and tagged. And besides that, Ive been looking for a great and affordable appartment to live in . Because now, the probability of me studying in Shah Alam or Kuala Lumpur is like 85.9% . So, I gotta be ready with whatever possibilites. And urm sister is looking for a new place to live too. Because durghh she cant stand her bloody housemate. Went to her house last weekend, and I nearly puke because it was TOOOOOOOOOOO DIRTY and FILTHY. EEEWWW GROSS ! She just cant take it anymore. Looked for a place in section 9, Because we loooovvveeeed the appartment we saw from our room in Concorde that weekend. But it wasnt for rent, it was for sale. But its absolutely amazing place to live. Besides section 9 . Sister wanted section 16. Its near to UITM , so, we gotta google for both places. But its really hard to find becase the place and space are pretty limited.

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