Thursday, March 25, 2010

what ?

I'm not sure of myself, like always. I dont know, but I feel tired of it now . I get bored easily, I dont want things I used too want anymore . I dont feel like having a relationship with * already, I could feel that its the end of it. And I might jump off the cliff . I just cant take it, I'm so lost now. It's too boring , no more fire to burn things up . I dont think I can do this anymore.
I can do and pleased your desire, but dont blame me if I'm ending things up with you .

By now , I think you should know whats best for us. But imma hold on til we cant work things out at all . This moment is soo Chung Yee Chong - Ways .

" Between us
there are bridges of words
your eyes could never burn "

" it isnt through
a lack of desire
to set up what is a fire "

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