Monday, March 22, 2010


Im back on my blog again , feelin upset.
Dont blame me if you found that my blog is soo dull and sad .
Its the only place where can let everything out without anybody telling me this and that.
Everything happens for a reason, un-explainable thing.
Currently I hate driving , wish I could escape from my instructor. Hate him alot, he was like almost 60 , OMG, soooo goldie.
Boyfriend is forcing me to finish it faster, so do mom and everyone else.
And I dont want to delay it any longer as it will cost more. But fuck the instructor , he always scold me for noting and frightened me for shit. And I wonder why I've started to drive like fuck too .
Please help me dear LORD, all I need is a little strength and a piece of confidence which I dont have . What should I do now ?

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