Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shitt ! Result X|

I bet everybody knows this already.
The SPM result is out this thursday which is 11 March 2010.
And I feel so fucked up.
Nobody is going with me,
nobody can fetch me there.
Dad is going to Mecca this wednesday, and will be back two weeks later,
Sister is in Shah Alam,
Brother in Penang,
Mom cant drive, the car is at home.
Me no license .
Fuckkkkkkk X(

Wanted to go with friends but :

  1. Wahida is going with both of her parents.
  2. Anis ; no idea.
  3. Moon ; no idea too.
  4. Aida ; no idea too too.
  5. Affy ; effin'ly no idea.
  6. Dyana : she can drive me , but too bad, she got no license. and b dont let her drive me around ;(
How lah now ? What do I do now ?
Its pretty stressful, mom can go with by cab,
but I really hope she doesnt go.
She got highblood pressure.
I dont want her to pass out :|

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