Friday, March 12, 2010

go go bye bye ?

I'm already dead I guess , And I'm sad and and upset. More than ever, because of my excellent results, moving away, and him. I dont know , I wonder is I should be happy or or excited about him moving away forever and ever and I might not see him ever again after this. Whoaa stranger at heart and eyes . pffftt !

Its amazing how he could forget me in a blink of eye. I'd never thought he would do so and I would become this insane. I've lose my sanity over somebody who had totally changed from what he used to be , Is it "my time" to change to ? I dont know. I've lost in the idea of "changing". Maybe I need to stick to what I have now, but Im sick of living a "risk-free" life, Its not that I want to hurt myself. But for just this once, shouldnt I try to risk it all, but I really need to know if its worth it.But again, its not that i've never let him know. Mayb he didnt notice it, but whatever .

I think its time for me to let you go . So, I guess its goodbye . * T_T

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