Tuesday, March 30, 2010

between the fake and the real

Real branded piece stuff could cost you thousands, while the fake one would cost you only a little.
Much lesser than the real one. But most of the people dont understand the concept of buying/purchasing real branded piece.
Different brands offers you different products, different price gives you different quality.
Pay more for the good ones, pay lesser for the poor ones.
To me, I'd rather spend more on the higher price items if its worth it.
If it isnt so, then dont. Purchasing a slightly expensive items gives me satisfaction.
Well, obviously I dont mean that cheap stuff isnt good or nice. Some of the cheap items is good.
Its definitely isnt about the brand, its about the satisfaction . When we use good stuff, we'll be much more happier with the results. What I mean is we'll be happy with the things that we bought.
There are so many differences we could find between this two thing besides self-satisfaction.
Real/branded stuff could last longer as it was made from a good material. Which definitely make the item worth buying.

Well bloggers, dont get me wrong. I'm not trying to boast or whatever people may call it. This is just my oppinion .


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