Saturday, February 13, 2010

The life I leave behind

A life is suppose to be colorful, happy, merry and meaningful. We lived for just this once, I dont believe the "re-born" stuff. Its just not me, but I believed that there's another life we're living after we're dead.
Well, I was sooo over into a life full of excitement and fun. all I want is to have fun and think about nothing else except having fun, and fooling around with my friends.
That was few years back, and I decided to change for real.
I did change, for good.
From bad to good , i believe. I cant take it anymore, I cant hurt my mom and family any longer.
So, I changed.
But changing makes you lost yourself, losing yourself isnt an easy thing.
I was determined. So, i left whatever may stop me from changing.
Friends and etc etc etc.

But in times, i tend to miss what I've let go. Things that I've left behind.
All I know is I dont want to be the old me.
I cried so hard, because I wish I could enjoy and indulge myself with excitement and joy.
But living isnt all about ourself and having fun, its about people around us too.
Whenever I'm down and see far behind, I will always imagine the memory that I might get further in front.
Looking back isnt the answer to my unending emptiness. Looking forward is what we have to do.

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