Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jerky dork

youre such a jerk && I hate it so much when you act like nothing had happened and youre all good.
Please, youre hurting me all this while. Am so offended, abbandoned, and lost. I cried in the middle of the nite like mad person, or like a small kids who lost their parents at the mall.
Im happy for you, really am. But please think of me for just once.
Is it that hard ? You could reply on others but you couldnt do so to me.
I dont need anbody else to cover up for you, I just need you to answer me directly.
If you dont want any of this, then fine, tell me. Let me know, Because Im not Anita Psychic in fb.
You scare the hell out of me. IM still waiting, please dont make me wait for that long.

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