Friday, January 1, 2010


HELLO 2010 !

Its 1st of JANUARY 2010.
9 months from now, Ill be EIGHTEENTH :)
wehuu !

First and foremost, Im so glad that its 2010. Im not so sure if Ive been waiting for 2010 as much as the others did. I dont feel much different in previous years, present, and upcoming years.
Well, I do miss 2009 BADLY. Im leaving my sweet 17 era.
Its all about bitter eighteenth now.

Okayy lets have a RECAP about 2009.

Ive been deadfully sad earlier 2009 as I just broke up with my boyfriend. Heartbreak :( ( not really )
Then ive start to be a good girl, been busy with books . KONON
SPM coming up. But I still playing around.
Met someone and got dumped. Heart broken .
Again, and then sad again. Then met someone new.
Totally in love, until now :D
Were not done with SPM yet at that time.
7.12.09- LAST PAPER.
Feel so good, nomore bags of birdshot on my back.
Relieve. Missing all my buddies :)

Having fun, hanging out.

No matter how bad my 2009 is, I loved it with all my heart.
2009 has brought so many unforgetable memories to my life.
All the pain and fun I had, has definitely changed me into a better person.
Thanks to everybody who have contribute their colours to my life.
Either its those dark and dull colours or bright and live colours.






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