Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A day with my lovers ;]

Had a blast of fun today, went to my old school, met my old teacher, old friends.
It feels really weird to go back to school without wearing the school uniform, feels like incomplete.
Well, I was planning to help Puan. Sharifah about the sijil thingy, last year stuff.
But I reached school kinda late, and feeling very lazy. So, I just lepak with Moon at sudut after I walked the whole school looking for Chris and Amee.

And after that , the four of us went to Parade, both Chris and Amee wanted to look for job. Later on we met Miko and her friend I dont know who, and theres three of them I think. Well Amee followed them, while we [ moon & me ] followed Chris as we are going to follow her to JJ.

Her friend Aun is fetching us to JJ ;) wee~


* toilet whoree *

Aun came a little late, til Johann is too impatient to wait, but still he have to wait for me.
Ive booked him few days earlier ;D

Then went to watch MUALAFF, nice movie but its too short,
And Johann have been asking me about whats going to happen as Ive watched the movie before.
There werent many people in the cinema, only 1 damn line. And I laugh my heart out, oopssiiee.

After that went for lunch around 4 o clock, and YEAYY ! Johann agreed to follow us to ah buis house for bbq and he is also sending me home later :D

Before going straight to the party, we went upstairs to the rooftop and take photos :)
lots of photos !

Right after that we went to Chris s house,

It rains like damn heavy that nite, OMG !
Around 8 we went to Ah buis house, yeayyy FOOOOODD ~

After the cake cutting ceremony, Johann sends me home :) And thats how the nite ends for me :D

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