Friday, January 15, 2010


As i told everybody who tried to give me hope & convince me earlier, things will be different as he go away. And it has already happen, Im kinda shock, but what can I say I should expect this from this start.
And guess whos heart is broken now ? Mine isnt it ?
Im really sorry, but I cant help but to think, think of him.
All the time, and its driving me crazy.
I just cant stop crying again now, Its a sad sad situation ;[
Its sad , so sad.

*currently listening & repeating to SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD.

Do i really hae to go through this tears again
? I had enough of it few days ago.
Why am I so unlucky, he got there safely + he could update whatever his network were.
Why cant he send me a text or just call me or just drop something to my mail.

im feeling dizzy and about to faint now,
Only god knows how I feel right now, I was worried, that he might whatever, for who
For myself
? BLOODY HELL NO ! its for him, why ?
Because he does means a lot to me. And who am I to him
? Trash, dustbin please !

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